TWD: A Double Dip – Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

This recipe had me salivating so bad that I was actually inspired to go hunting for my long lost ice cream machine.  That thing had been buried in my garage for about 5 years.  I just knew that I’d want it again some day and, sure enough, along comes an ice cream recipe from Dorie Greenspan called Burnt Sugar Ice Cream.  I had to make it.  I had to.  Come “hell or high water”, I was going to find that ice cream machine.  I’ll spare you the cussing that went on while trying to find it but, in the end, it was found.  It was a little worse for the wear and I wanted to shoot my teenager for getting paint all over it.  But, Mother’s Day is coming and it still works.  All is forgiven.


I’ll admit I had trouble with this recipe.  I had a devil of time (gosh, there are alot of references to hell and the devil in this post) getting  a cup of sugar to dissolve in 3 tablespoons of water.  In the end, I think I used about 5 tablespoons of water.  The sugar water was then boiled for roughly 8 minutes until it turned dark amber.  Sorry, there are no pictures of that.  I was afraid the sugar would burn too much.  Burnt sugar is good.  Too burnt is bad.

The next steps were easy.  Stir in the cream, milk, and egg yolks so you can make a nice custard.  Refrigerate thoroughly.  Dump into the long-lost ice cream maker.

After 20 minutes in said machine, Voila!, you have soft serve ice cream.  Put it in the freezer for a while if you want it frozen harder.

I double-dog dare you to try to resist until it is frozen harder!  You won’t be able to refrain from having a bowl of the soft-serve variety.  I guarantee it.  YUMMY!  Delicious.  Sooo good.

This wonderful recipe was chosen for Tuesdays With Dorie by Becky of Project Domestication.  Great pick, Becky!  The recipe can be found on Becky’s blog or on page 432 of Dorie Greenspan’s Book, Baking From My Home to Yours. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for part II of the double dip of Dorie!

It’s Thyme to Eat!


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7 Comments on “TWD: A Double Dip – Burnt Sugar Ice Cream”

  1. same ice cream maker! your post cracks me up. I like your sense of humor.

  2. Mary Says:

    I had to go on a search for my ice cream maker too–it was in the marymaryculinary museum (my mother’s basement). Glad I found it! Your ice cream looks great!

  3. Oh I’m glad you were about to find the ice cream maker because that looks so yummy! Too funny!

  4. Judy Says:

    I didn’t realize that my freezer canister was unfrozen, so I had to wait a whole 24 hours to make this. Never again!

  5. nickki Says:

    I loved this ice cream! So delicious 🙂

  6. bexbakes Says:

    I agree, so good. Sorry you had so much trouble!

  7. teaandscones Says:

    looks just perfect. It was pretty tasty, wsn’t it.

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