TWD: Quick Classic Berry Tart

This week, over on Tuesdays with Dorie, Cristine of Cooking with Cristine picked Quick Classic Berry Tart.  This was a really fun recipe for me because I had never made pastry cream before.  With Dorie’s directions, it  was easy and turned out really, really yummy.  I mean majorly yummy.  The stuff that dreams are made of. 

Aren’t they beautiful?  I chose to make a couple of small tarts instead of the big one in Dorie’s book.  Marthe of Culinary Delights mentioned on Tuesdays with Dorie that she was going to make bite-sized tarts.  Although I didn’t make mine that small, I did make them small and so I thank Marthe for the idea.

The other great thing about this recipe is that they can be made ahead.  The pastry dough is made and then frozen.  The pastry cream can be refrigerated for up to 3 days before use.  The recipe is on page 377 of Dorie Greenspan’s book, Baking From My Home to Yours.  Or you can find it on Christine’s website.

This was an awesome recipe.  Even my never-impressed-by-my-cooking husband was impressed with these.  I will definitely be making them again!  And they are company-worthy so, if you’re coming to visit me soon, you’ll probably being seeing these after dinner!

It’s Thyme To Eat!


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7 Comments on “TWD: Quick Classic Berry Tart”

  1. So adorable. THey are perfect. I would expect to see these in a pastry case at the bakery!

  2. Cristine Says:

    Your tarts are beautiful! Thanks for baking with me!

  3. Mary Says:

    They look wonderful–I like the mix of berries!

  4. Marthe Says:

    Hahaha, you’re welcom Carol!! But you didn’t need to give me credit! Your tartlets look scrumptious!

  5. Janell Says:

    I love your mini tarts. They look cute and delicious!

  6. natalia Says:

    Ciao ! Lovely minis !!

  7. Mimi Says:

    Your mini tarts are picture perfect.

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