TWD: Catch-Up Time

Oh good grief!  Where did the summer go?  From my last post until now is one big blur.  Well, never mind that.  Here’s what’s important:  I’ve made several Tuesdays with Dorie recipes since my last post (and even took pictures of a few).  Unfortunately, they never made it to this blog.

So now, I should try to catch-up.  Let’s see…

One of the best was this:

In BFMHTY cookbook, it is labeled “Chocolate Crunched Caramel Tart”.  Beside the title in my copy, it says ***OMG!!!***.  It was that good.  A sweet pastry crust, a layer of caramel and nuts, then a layer of chocolate.  It was truly amazing. 

These babies are called “Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars”.  They were also marvelous and MUST be remade soon at my house.

I had really high hopes for this next one.  Called “Rum Drenched Vanilla Loaves”, it had lots of both.  Here’s my dark rum and Penzey’s vanilla.  I love Penzey’s, especially their vanilla.  But truthfully, this picture is just an excuse to show off my new egg bowl.  An egg bowl?  Who knew?  Ya just never know what you’re going to find that you never knew you needed.

Enough about that.  What about the cake?  It was good, not great.  But almost everyone else on Tuesdays with Dorie loved it so I’m thinking I did something wrong.

 And then there were shortcakes.  As with everything, Dorie makes it better.  For over 20 years now, I’ve made shortcakes using my MIL’s recipe because that’s what Ron wanted.  I tried these and whaddayaknow?  He liked them better!  I must say that I thought they were good, too.  Maybe we should have them again for this holiday weekend!

I almost forgot!  I also made Dorie’s Chewie Chunky Blondies.  One word: Yum!

And we had Dorie’s biscotti and her Quick Classic Berry Tart over and over and over again.  I can’t get enough of those 2 recipes!

So you see, I’ve been spending alot of Tuesdays with Dorie!  I just haven’t been blogging.  That will just have to change!

And now…

It’s Thyme To Eat!


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